Lis Beauty Centre


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11.00 - 22.00 uur


Hoofd & schoudermassage, schouder en rug massage, rug en beenmassage.

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2 Reacties op “Lis Beauty Centre”

  1. I have been there a couple of times, quite a lot of women work there, some are okay, and for a bit of a cheap pedicure it can be acceptable. But I had today for the second time a terrible experience for manicure. Most of the women there do not speak any Dutch or English, so explaining what I want was extremely difficult, one woman could have helped translate but was not really willing to do so. It took forever, the woman was moody and rough, she hurt me and made me bleed, and I didn’t get the result I came for at all. I’m usually easily satisfied and it’s the first time I write a review, but the experience was so horrible that I hope other people will avoid this place and be spared of a similar one.

  2. Nagels worden scheef geknipt, en NIET klantvriendelijk

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