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10:00 tot 22:00


Voor een Chinese massage in Amsterdam  bent u welkom bij Green Garden.

Een vrij grote zaak met zes massageruimtes gescheiden door gordijnen.
Deze indeling veroorzaakt wel geluidsoverlast, veel geroezemoes als het druk is.
Achter in de zaak is een heel ruim toilet met wastafel maar men beschikt niet over een douchegelegenheid.
Nette salon voor liefhebbers van een echte vakkundige Chinese Massage, ondergoed dient hier wel te worden aan gehouden.
De Chinese masseuses hier kunnen zich in het Engels redelijk goed verstaanbaar maken.

Deep Tissue Massage 48 euro
Relaxation Massage 45 euro

Chinese Lichaams Massage,
Voetenbad en massage.

Dagelijks geopend van 10:00 tot 22:00 uur

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2 Reacties op “Green Garden”

  1. I came here for three (!) years. I think i’m one of their best customers. I’m a student so the prices were ok. In the beginning it was 18 euro and later it was 21 euro what is really competitive.

    Today I wanted to make an appointment and she told me they higher up to 30(!) euro voor a strong massage, wherethey let me pay before only 21 and gave always a strong one. It’s 43% (!!) higher in an ad-hoc time.
    No customer loyalty and I never come back here.

    • Green Garden Massage Center on september 28, 2016 @ 10:16 am

      Hello Lukas!

      We are extremely sad to know that you are unhappy about our new price list. However, we would like to explain why we had to do that.

      First and foremost, we want to be socially responsible. That means we care about our employees and we believe they deserve better payment. Unfortunately, with the old prices we were not able to give them better payment conditions. In addition, we believe that paying the same price for deep tissue and relaxing soft massage is not fair towards the masseuses as they need to put a lot more efforts when doing a deep tissue massage. Therefore, we made the separation between the two and put different prices for each.
      Second, we always try to improve the ambiance in our salon. We renovated the salon and tried to make it better. In order to continue providing our services, we had to go for a raise.
      Third, we believe that we are not a typical Chinese salon and yet we are not an expensive SPA center. There is a gap between the two and we are filling in that gap. We are really sorry to see you that you are dissatisfied but at the same time you can always come for a relaxation massage which is 25 and not 30 euro. Moreover, there is essential oil included in the price, which was not the case before. We really hope you will reconsider your opinion and come back.

      Best regards,
      Green Garden

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